Red Velvet Black Bean Hemp Brownies [+ GIVEAWAY!]

Disclaimer: I was provided with a bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

Hi friends!

Some of my favorite “healthy” living things are things are things that I discovered by happenstance. Brussel sprouts, flax seeds, sunbutter and, hemp!

Hemp isn’t brand new to me and it (hopefully) isn’t brand new to you either. Hemp can be found in clothing, rope, paper, oil, resin, building materials, animal bedding/herd, plastic, and paint. Hemp is also super delicious. But hemp can get a bad rap.

Yes, hemp is a species of Cannabis sativa. No, hemp is not the same as marijuana. Hemp contains 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will our products cause a false positive drug test.

And more importantly, hemp is delicious!

Manitoba Harvest sent me a bag of their hemp hearts.

IMG_5836 (1)

Hemp hearts have a slightly nutty taste, similar to a sunflower seed or pine nut. They are super easy to incorporate into your meals:  simply sprinkle hemp hearts on salad, cereal & yogurt, add to smoothies and recipes, or eat them straight from the package! Hemp hearts are also nutritious! Hemp hearts contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of Omegas, which is more than the same serving of chia or flax!

It was my niece’s 15th birthday and she doesn’t exactly to have the healthiest diet. So I wanted to incorporate the hemp hearts with her favorite thing ever: red velvet.

Soooo that is how red-velvet black bean hemp brownies were born!



  • 1 can of 15 oz low sodium black beans (plus 1 can of water)
  • 1/3 cup hemp hearts (reserve 2 tbsp for sprinkling on top)
  • 1 package of your favorite brownie mix, 19.5 oz
  • 2 tbsp of organic red food coloring (not pictured, buy here)
  • 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips.



Pre-heat oven according to brownie package directions. Open the can of beans, drain and rinse. Fill the same can (now empty from the beans) with water. Put beans with water and hemp hearts (remember to reserve 2 tbsp!) in your food processor or blender until smooth. Mix pureed beans-hemp heart mix with brownie package mix. Add food coloring. Re-blend until color is evenly distributed. Grease baking dish with cooking spray. Pour batter into the pan, sprinkle with chocolate chips and the 2 tbsp of hemp hearts. Cook brownies according to package directions. Let cool completely before cutting into squares. Enjoy!



Manitoba Harvest is giving you the chance to try Hemp Hearts on your own! Enter below – GOOD LUCK!! :)


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Breathe Annie Breathe-Sarah Ohm Book Club

book club what up

Hello friends!

As you may know, I joined’s Blogger Book ClubSarah, a fellow ambassador had reached out to us other ambassadors to see if we were interested in starting up a book club and voila, the club was born. For February, the book theme was love. I had wanted to read something new, but I couldn’t find anything that really piqued my interest. I decided to then read something over that I knew would fit the theme. I chose… (cue drum roll):


Breathe, Annie, Breathe was a book gifted to me by my friend Estelle who is one half of the blog, Rather Be Reading, which she shares with blogger/photographer, Magan. I hate to pigeon-hole this book as a love story, because it is more than just that. The main character, Annie, is training for the Country Music Marathon, in honor of her dead boyfriend, Kyle, who was a runner himself (and was supposed to have run himself). Annie hates running, but feels obligated to run as she feels guilty for Kyle’s death. In order to train for the marathon, Annie hires a runnng coach and it is during those training runs, she meets her coach’s younger brother, Jeremiah. And of course, feelings happen. But those feelings conflict with the other feelings she experiences with Kyle’s death, guilt, loss, vulnerability, fear, self-discovery. And because of Annie’s age in the novel, she also experiences moving away from home, going to college, dealing with new friends, and mending fences with old friends.

Seriously, all the feels.

As a runner myself, I identified what it was like to put myself through a marathon training schedule, the feelings that come when you hit a new distance for the first time, the sacrifice you must make (your social life hits the back burner when you have a long run of 10+ miles in the books the next day). And I found myself cheering Annie every step of the way when it came to running – whether it was towards the finish line or to opening herself up to new love.

I was a little disappointed that we don’t get Annie’s actual marathon experience, but that is because I am running nerd like that. Miranda Kenneally was a new-to-me author, and I really loved her writing. I am so thankful to my friend Estelle to opening me to a new author. It has made me want to read other books by Miranda Kenneally and to read other books/authors along the same category of young-adults.

Tomorrow’s March, so that theme is: biography of someone you’ve been meaning to learn more about… so many too choose from, so little time!

Happy reading!

Mile High Run Club Review

Hello friends!

A few weeks ago, I was given the  chance to try out Mile High Run Club, a boutique treadmill class in NYC. Located in NOHO, a few blocks away from NYU, Mile High Run Club offers 2 types of running classes:

  • DASH 28
  • The Distance

Dash 28 is a 45-minute class provides a foundation for runners of all levels with about 28 minutes of structured intervals followed by 10 minutes of strength plus power training with kettlebells whereas The Distance is an hour-long advanced performance improving class incorporates 50 minutes of continuous intervals, tempo, and hills on the treadmill and is coached by elite runners.

I chose Dash 28 based on my fitness level at the moment. I trekked one evening after work to Mile High Run Club. I won’t lie, I was really nervous and intimidated. But once I got there, all fears were assuaged by the super friendly and welcoming staff.



I was given a brief tour and jammed my stuff in a tiny locker and waited for the current class to end and mine to begin.

mhrc window


My class was taught by Andia W, a professional Golfer, master Certified Fitness Professional / Sports Performance Coach and a contributor for the American Heart Association Go Red For Women campaign.  She was really friendly, introduced herself to each student. The class was more packed than I thought it would be. When you register for a class, you can see what treadmills are booked and which ones are still available. At the time I registered, it did not seem that were many people registered.



mhrc kb


I got on my treadmill and saw on the treadmill, there was a card which outlined pace: one for beginner/intermediate (“joggers”), and one for advanced/elite (“racers”). To play it safe, I stuck with joggers.



True to the description, the beginning of  the class started with a warm up, followed up with a half-hour of intense running, with intervals at different speeds and inclines. We started at “1” then “2”, “3”, and “4” with a varying mix throughout. And then after 30 minutes we took it to the floor doing various strength training moves, like lunges, squats, oblique moves, and planks for another 15 minutes. Afterwards we had a cool down. But I was soaked to the bone. The workout was definitely intense and I enjoyed it a lot. I definitely would go back but not regularly as it is a little bit pricey for me ($34 a sesh, with a multi-pack making it slightly less per session). But all in all it was definitely different and it was fun to challenge myself in a new way. It’s great for when the outside weather is less than ideal!

Thank you Mile High Run Club for letting me try you guys out!

Happy running! 

Run to The Brewery Race Recap!!

Holy cheese on a cracker, we’re in February!

I can’t believe we’re already one month down in 2015. If this is any indication of how fast this year is going to be, then I need to brace myself.

A few weeks ago I ran my first race of the year – Sayville Running Company‘s Run to the Brewery. It is  10 mile race that goes through the areas of Patchogue, Blue Point and Bayport on Long Island.  The race culminates with a celebration at Blue Point Brewery with tons of free beer, food, and giveaways. Husband and I headed out to the race early, as we live about 20 minutes away. It was so, so cold that day. I had worn leg warmers, pants, a long sleeve shirt, a half zip, a tank with 2 pairs of gloves, a vest, 2 knit hats and a scarf and I was still freezing.

FullSizeRender (1)

IMG_5320There were lots of people waiting. One downside, was that everyone just lined up at the start – there were no corrals based on pace. I smushed myself in the middle and just hoped for the best seeing as I had not trained for this race. Once I started running, I (slowly) warmed up. I finally felt my toes around mile 4. And it was around mile4 and 5 that I was too warm and had to loosen up my scarf and lose one pair of gloves. I continued on my way through the race and before I knew it, I was at the finish. I started to run faster, wanting to just be done and get my coveted  beer. My goal was to finish before 2:15 and I finished around 2:10. My goal really was just to finish though, no matter the time because I had not trained. My phone died sometime after but I was able to tell the hubs that I finished. He met me halfway as I walked back to the brewery where I immediately put on my coat and all the other layers I had.

FullSizeRender (2)




I didn’t win any of the raffles but I got some beer and cake and had a lot of fun. I will definitely try to do this face again next year. It sells out really quickly! I definitely recommend this race if you’re local to the area.

Happy running!



It Was Me All Along – Sarah Ohm Book Club

book club what up

As you may know, I am a FitApproach (“SweatPink”) ambassador. Sarah, a fellow ambassador recently reached out to us other ambassadors, to see if we were interested in starting up a book club. A bunch of us, including myself, obvs, were super interested and thus the’s Blogger Book Club was born.

Each month, we read a book of our own choosing based on each month’s theme. I love to read and have always considered myself a book worm (when I was a kid, my mom would drop me off in the bookstore, go shop and would come back hours later and would find me still where she left me, reading voraciously). But with work, life, school, I found myself not reading as much. So, I thought this would be a great way to start up again. These are themes for each month:

January – A Motivational Book
February – A Love Story
March – A Biography Of Someone You’ve Been Meaning To Learn More About
April – A Healthy Living Book
May – A Book About A Hobby Besides Blogging
June – A Biography About Someone You Admire
July – A Travel Novel
August – Something You’d Read At The Cottage
September – A Mindless Read
October – A Thriller
November – A Book You’d Bring On Vacation
December – An Inspirational Book

At the end of each month there will be a link up where we can all share our posts and see what everyone else read. As you can see, this month’s theme was to read a motivational book which is rather fitting seeing as it’s the beginning of a new year and you know the adage, “new year, new me.”

I actually read not one, not two, but three books to see if they could fit this theme. I ultimately decided “It Was Me All Along” by Andie Mitchell was going to be my January book.

IMG_5532 (1)

I mean, hello, it’s a memoir of a woman who was extremely overweight, had a crappy relationship with food, and then lost a ton of weight. I immediately identified with it. But there was more to it – you learn about Andie’s difficult childhood and hardships she faced with her family – losing her dad at a young age, her mom working to the bone to provide for her and her brother, teasing from schoolmates. And you see how food became her crutch, her source of comfort. And after tipping the scales at 286 pounds, Andie sets forth on trying to lose weight once and for all (she poorly yo-yo dieted throughout). And after losing all the weight and becoming a svelte 130 pounds, her relationship with food is just as messed up as it was before. And it was through working with a therapist she re-learned how to eat normally (as normally one can from going through 2 variations of eating disorders).

Like I said earlier, I really identified with this book, with Andie. I still use food as a crutch and it’s hard to break that habit – though I have gotten better. At my lowest weight, I thought all the drama, all the issues would go away, and they didn’t. And I turned to food and slowly but surely that weight has crept back on. I am now working to lose that weight and have been working with a therapist to work on my own issues and to use other means as a support, instead of turning to food. Reading what Andie went through normalized a lot of feelings and experiences and made me realize I am not alone in this battle. Andie has her own blog where she details her life, continuing experiences, and recipes (Andie loves to cook, especially bake – in the book there is a cake recipe I want to try!) I am definitely going to check it out myself. This book was definitely motivational and has kicked me in the butt to keep trekking on my weight loss journey and to not give up hope just yet.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others! And definitely join the book club! The more, the merrier!

Not Enough Calories!

Howdy friends!

So if you are following me on twitter or instagramyou would know I was undergoing Metabolic Rate Testing (“RMR”) with  my nutritionist. I chose to undergo the testing to get a more accurate reflection of my caloric needs and how many calories are actually needed for me to lose weight. In order to do the test, you cannot have eaten for 3 to 4 hours before hand and you cannot exercise at all.

I showed up to my appointment, excited and nervous as to what the test would reveal. The test is painless. It is more awkward than anything. I should have taken a picture of me on the machine – I am sure I looked ridiculous but I forgot to do so. Essentially, I looked like this:




The test takes 10 minutes and all you do is simply breathe. Of course it was hard to swallow and there was some drooling involved (eek!). But again, more awkward than anything. I thought the 10 minutes would go slooooooooooowly but they went by pretty quickly. The machine beeped and my RD entered my height/age/weight and the machine spat out my results:


According to my results, my metabolism runs slightly faster than most people – my RD thinks its because I am so physically active! That was a real shocker – seeing as I have been on the heavier side for most of my life. My sister has a super fast metabolism. She could eat and eat and eat and would still be a stick. I would so much as look at a hamburger and gain 20lbs.

Also, I am eating too little. My metabolic baseline is 2,045 calories. That is what I need if I stayed in bed all day and did nothing. But when you add my lifestyle (just going to work, eating, playing, etc.) and then actual exercise, you get 2,870 total energy output. So in order to lose weight, I need to eat around 1650 calories. With my old nutritionist and when I first started to lose weight, I was only eating 1200 calories. Which is like nothing food wise. New RD had me hovering between 1450 and 1650. But even thought I lose some weight, it was not as a big of a loss as she or I would have liked. She thinks because of my active lifestyle and my caloric intake, my body was holding onto the weight because it was not enough. So we went through my logs and worked on building onto the snacks I already have to make them more nutritionally dense. We also worked on dinner ideas that would appease both me and my husband’s appetites.

So we are hoping that with the higher intake, I will make more of a weight loss dent. My next appointment is in two weeks and I can’t wait to see what happens then!

Have you ever undergone metabolic testing? Is that something you would ever consider doing? Sound off below!

Working with a New Nutritionist

Hello, hello!

So I have been working with a new nutritionist after my old nutritionist closed up shop. It was for the best – she had become quite ill and needed time to recouperate and get her health in order. On my end, I was no longer having any results and was if anything, continuing to gain. I lost motivation. I had it in my head I should start working with someone new but felt I owed some kind of loyalty to the old nutritionist as she helped me to originally lose 87lbs.

When she closed up shop, it was like a sign from the gods to start new. I looked online and was immediately overwhelmed.

I took to social media for help, and a friend really came through:


I did end up looking into Nutrition Energy and luckily they took my health insurance. I was able to get an appointment fairly quickly after work and have been going consistently – I will be having my 3rd appointment this week and have had some results in the weight loss department.

My ideal weight is 160-165 and my secret goal weight is 150, which is 5lbs from when I got married, which was 145. I am not ready to disclose my current weight. Maybe I will one day but I don’t necessarily feel that I owe it to anyone to disclose that information at this time.

In addition to some weight loss, I have learned some things about myself:

  1. I don’t eat right away and by the time I get to work, it has been hours… so for example, if I wake up at 5:50 and then get on the train at 7:10 and get to work around 8:40, it’s been almost 3 hours since I have woken up and haven’t eaten anything (from dinner the night before). So I try to have a small breakfast on the train.
  2. I don’t snack in between meals and then (like above) hours go by and then I am starving and I overeat. Especially at dinner because it will have been an easy 6+ hours since I have eaten.
  3. I need to practice portion control. I easily overdo it on the pasta side.
  4. Weekends are difficult and I need to plan better because the days are more unstructured.

The appointment I have this week is exciting. I will be undergoing RMR testing or Resting Metabolic Rate testing. From Nutrition Energy‘s website, RMR testing

…is used to determine your specific daily caloric requirements, and is crucial in deciphering the number calories you need each day to lose, maintain or gain weight. Your RMR changes with weight loss/gain, athletic training cycles and alteration of muscle mass. Testing and analyzing your individual metabolic rate gives you the exact measurement you need to succeed in your weight control efforts and athletic performance.

The test is easy, it’s simply breathing!

The air you breathe out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed and after 10 minutes, you get your results. Simply put, your metabolic rate is used to calculate your Target Caloric Zones, complete with color charts and graphs explaining what you burn and how much you should eat. 

So I am excited to find out this caloric number out and use it in conjunction with the weight loss skills I have already in place and see what happens! 

Have you ever used a nutritionist for your health goals?

Have you ever undergone Resting Metabolic Rate testing?

NO Excuses 2015 with FitApproach



Hey 2015, it’s me, Kas (nickname, spirit animal, real name, blog name)

This year I would like to get back down to a healthy weight, stress less, and improve my running times! (ex., cook more, stop eating so much challah, and do more strength training_.

It would also be super duper awesome if I also traveled more (ex., take a real vacation and GET OFFLINE) this year. It’s not a resolution, though, just a reminder to myself to try and have the best year yet because I’m not getting any younger, dammit!

The thing I am looking forward to most this year is becoming more at peace with myself; less negative talk about myself. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t tolerate it if someone said what I say to myself about a friend… so why is it OK for me? I need to be my own ally – not my own worst enemy.

I’ll use the one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning which is coffee, duh! to help me get my booty in gear get after my #NoExcuses 2015! Speaking of excuses (ahem), my very favorite excuse is saying I am so tired because I went to bed late or the weather is so crappy and not getting my run in.  I vow to move my body and be more healthy this year even if it means I have to go to bed earlier and prepping my clothes the night (along with checking the weather and making alternate plans) before so I can get my butt out the door. I will stop blaming the cats and Eugene (ex: kids, dog, husband) for making poor food choices at home or when dining out (ex. eating the rest of the challah/ naan / insert delicious bread name here) when everyone knows it was really me.

My cats and job [job, hair, car, husband, kids] are not the reason I make excuses. I will show myself [same as before] who’s boss this year and get my run [type of sweaty activity] on.

I know that any workout [type of workout] is better than sitting on my butt eating fries and chocolate. [noun]

#NoExcuses 2015 has just begun and already I am imagining myself a winner. I can’t wait to rock a Zeal Hoodie (article of clothing) from Augusta Active. I can’t wait till my sweaty friends are jealous of how fresh, clean and glowing (adj) I am between workouts with help from ShowerPill body wipes. I can see myself busting out some new PRs (ex. goal) in new Rock the Course Leggings [article of clothing from Actio926] from Actio926 and looking fit and fly while doing it. And of course, I’ll be taking my workouts to the next level and improving my abs [noun] with my new ActivMotion Bar to help me train for my next marathon [distance] race with Sasquatch Racing.

Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing my hoodie [article of clothing] will smell in my / during my winter races [favorite type of workout] after washing with some WIN Detergent. And lastly, I’ll keep rocking my 2015 with clean eats and nutrition from Beaming with Health!

Tag, Tweet, shout-out, call, text, fax or email 3 friends to take this survey and share how they will have a #NoExcuses 2015.All you gotta do is simply fill in the underlined parts! 

I tag the following:


2015 Resolutions!!!


We are already SEVEN whole days into 2015… and I haven’t really made any resolutions. I mean do people still even make resolutions?  A new article claims that it takes 66 days – not the 21 days to change your habits.

elite daily

The article (in a quick summary states):

Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit,” habits are not born, but created. Every bad, good or insignificant habit starts with a psychological pattern called a “habit loop.” Duhigg reported to NPR, the “habit loop” is a three-part process. The first step is the trigger that tells your brain to let a certain behavior unfold. The second step is the behavior itself, or the routine it creates. The third step is the reward, or “something that your brain likes that helps it remember the ‘habit loop’ in the future.” Once we’ve formed habits, they are hard to break because, many times, we forget we’re doing them. Because of the habit loop, we are able to do other things without thinking about our habit.

Unfortunately, habits are habits for a reason and can be hard to break. The article goes on to say,

We become slaves to our habits. They become inhibitors and some have the power to control our lives.

I am tired of making the same resolutions every year to only break them a few months later. But I am going to make a more earnest attempt to do these every day and if I miss a day or week or month, NBD. LIFE HAPPENS. Some are fitness/health related… others are more general life ones. So here they are – and I will do the best :

  • Blog more! So far (this week at least) so good.
  • Go to bed earlier. At the time of this post, it is 11:32pm… yup, already F’d up this one! Tomorrow is going to hurt waking up.
  • Be more patient with others.
  • Be more patient and kind to myself.
  • Get a better grasp on my finances. Seriously pay down some debt and not shop so much
  • Stop worrying about what other people think about me. Ya know, “bye haterzzz.”
  • Lose 20-30lbs and get back into a healthier weight – so I can live a long, healthy life instead of focusing on how I look in a bikini
  • Read more. Like really read.
  • Take better care of myself -take more vacations; work will always be there tomorrow.
  • Stop trying to make everyone else happy. Do my best, forgive myself the rest.
  • Make better food choices – cook more, watch my portions.
  • Try new things, especially things that scare me.

Do you make resolutions every year?

Are there any bad habits you wish to change?

Have you ever kept a resolution?

Sound off below!

That Marathon I Ran Last Year…

Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy holiday.

So, it is 2015.

This is what I am expecting tomorrow when I go back to the gym after 2 whole weeks off:





And I need to get my butt into gear now that I am doing the Long Island marathon. GOOD LORD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

I guess no time like the present to give my recap of the NYC Marathon, right? Lets recap those 26.2 miles that I plan to repeat.

Saturday night:

I get to my mom’s house with honey bunny. I lay out flat Kasy when I realize that I left my sneakers on Long Island.

Let me repeat that: I LEFT MY SNEAKERS!

Honey bunny drove back home – an hour each way to grab them. I left them by the door so as to not leave them, but then left them. Oh universe, you are so funny. Luckily, this was Saturday  night. And not on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning:

Wake up at a God awful hour and head out to Staten Island. Traffic to the bridge was a nightmare and Eugene dropped me off where other runners were being dropped off and I walked to the start. To say it was a cold and windy was an understatement. A mile in, I manage to get into Fort Wadsworth.




I tried to connect with my friend Tracey but she was in Wave 3, blue and she already entered her section. And guards were checking colors and if you were not of that color, you couldn’t go in and once in, you couldn’t go out. I walked to the greens, in the way, way back and grabbed coffee and a bagel and trekked to a grassy spot by the porta potties. I bundled myself with garbage bags and my poncho from last year to keep warm and tried my best to stay warm.


IMG_4450 (1)


I wore a teenage mutant ninja turtle adult onsie-pj and it was a hit with everyone at Fort Wadsworth, runners and non-runners alike! And it was super warm too- I definitely recommend it (I got mine at Target).


After waiting many hours, the cannons went off for the first wave. It was fun watching the runners start and waving at them from below, knowing full well that soon it’d be my turn!

And then it was! I nervously lined up in my corral, not knowing what to expect but fully knowing what to expect.



The wind on the bridge, even on the bottom level was brutal. I mean BRUTAL! Even though I had relieved myself before the start of the race, the wind made me feel like I had to go again. The wind also pushed me forward and I ran the first 2 miles at an 8:40 pace, which was 4 minutes faster than I had planned for. I knew I’d be zapped for energy if I didn’t slow so I forced myself to walk after we got off the bridge and decided to shed layers. Big mistake. I ended up freezing and being uncomfortable the rest of the race.

Running in Brooklyn is always fun and lots of people cheered and screamed my name. Taking the sights of the people and the runners is really amazing and something special. The energy is unbelievable. I looked for my family in Brooklyn at our original designated spot. But I didn’t see them! I freaked out. But then I found them around the 5 mile mark, a block off from where we had originally planned on.



It was so nice to see them. I told them where to look for me again in the city and off I went again.



But not before I stopped to use the bathroom which is where I made my mistake. I waited up too long – almost 30 minutes and freezing. By the time I was back running, I was definitely at the back of the pack and the running crowd was thinning. I kept chugging along, stopping for gatorade and water. I know I definitely walked around mile 10-11, there is a huge freaking hill in Brooklyn and I felt kind of defeated. But I wasn’t going to stop.

Finally, I made it to Queens where I saw my co-worker/friend Audrey. She was tracking me on her phone and knew when I was coming up. We chatted for a bit and braced myself for the worst part – the Queensboro Bridge and 1st Avenue. On the bridge, it was eerily quiet. I also saw some cops on the bridge looking for something – it turns out there was a kitten stuck on the bridge. I don’t know if they ever rescued it, but I’d like to think they did.

Then I got to First Avenue. Honey bunny kept missing me by a minute or so which was really a mind fuck. I really wanted to see him and talk to him. And I was really starting to hurt physically. At this point, having started too fast really killed me and my pace had slowed dramatically. I ended up crying a few times while running. This marathon was turning into a disaster. I just wanted to be done. The sky started to darken, the streets were being reopened. My legs started to cramp. I was just over it. OVER the whole race.

While on course, I ended up eating a banana, an oreo, pretzels, and such. The food definitely helped. I know nothing new on race day but it was the marathon, all bets are off.

While running back into Manhattan after toe-stepping in The Bronx, I ran into another runner from a Facebook group I was in and she motivated me to keep running, despite my tears. Honey bunny kept missing me again, I told him to wait for me at the finish. I never did see my family again – my dad wasn’t feeling too well so they went home and said they’d see me after.

I finally saw Eugene at the finish and gave him a defeated wave. I told him I’d see him at the end. Never was I so happy to see a finish line. I got my medal and heat sheet and made my trek out the park, which was like another mile.


The thought of walking more, was sickening. I cried as I hobbled my way out. Someone offered to take my picture – I refused. I kind of regret that now. Despite the fact that I blew my goal time of 5 hours… and then blew the 5:30 mark… I still ran a marathon. I never quit (even though I really wanted to… just like Dory in Finding Nemo, I just kept swimming putting one foot in front of another.

I finally found Eugene and got my poncho and I cried in his arms for a few minutes and then we made our way to get some much needed food and shelter. I got a coffee at Starbucks and then cheese fries and a burger at Shake Shack.




The next day I took a much needed day off and went to the spa to decompress and I got a full body massage and hung out in the steam room where I sweated out all the soreness. By Wednesday I was back at the gym, easing into a class. I got to show off my medal and took a pic with my personal trainer. IMG_4474

And so there you have it – my NYC marathon recap! I may not have hit my goals but I still finished and that is an accomplishment in itself. I have an earned entry for this year’s race but I may defer to 2016. I don’t know if I have it in me to do 2 marathons in a year. But we’ll see!

Happy Monday! I’ll be posting my training for Long Island soon!