Summer Summer Time – Block Island Sunscreen Review

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Block Island Organic sunscreen in exchange for a review. As always all opinions are my own. 

Hello friends!

Summer is going byyyy quickly. Which makes me sad because I have not gone to the beach as often as I would have liked. I need to remedy that STAT especially as I live wicked close to the beach.

I spent my Fourth of July holiday doing just that. Here’s an interesting fact about me: I don’t know how to swim but put me in the ocean and you’d think I was a fish in another life. I love the water.  After leaving out house a little late, off to the beach we went – along with the entirety of Long Island. Fortunately we got a good spot by the water.


Another fact about me: I’m very pale. I probably am the palest Latina you’ll ever meet. So skin protection is very important to me. A few years back I got a very bad case of sun poisoning where my skin looked neon, that’s how red I was. I was a lobster.  When I went to NOLA a few weeks back, I got sunburned there too because Southern sun is no joke despite putting on sunblock.

That’s why I was glad to tout my bottle of Block Island’s Natural Mineral (zinc only) Sunscreen – SPF 30 with me. Skin protection is important not just at the beach but everyday.


What I like about Block Island’s Natural Mineral Sundcreen as well as all of Block Island‘s products is that they are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes and artificial fragrances. They also don’t do animal testing (great as I am huge animal lover) and use vegan-based formulas.

And after an entire day of the beach and also normal every day wear, my skin was fine. Not a drop of sunburn in sight. The sunscreen goes on easily – you’re not constantly trying to rub it in. It doesn’t feel greasy or cakey.

Right now Block Island Organics is giving you the chance to try their sunscreen and products at 15% off with the key word Kasandra.  The discount code is good through next Tuesday, July 21st. Please note the code is not combinable with other codes.

Thanks so much Block Organics for letting me try out your sunscreen.

Now I just need to get back to the beach!

What I’ve Been Up To & RBX Capris Review

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of RBX Active capris in exchange for a review; as always all opinions are my own! 

Holy cow, how is it July 1st already?

I am so so sorry for falling off the face of the planet. Life has a way of taking some unexpected turns and as a result, this blog got put on the back burner. But that is not going to be the same forever! Promise!

Sooo what  have I been up to lately? Running for the most part. I skipped the Queens 10K and the Front Runner’s 5 miler because I wasn’t feeling too hot. But I did run the Oakely Mini 10K (and got to meet some runner friends from the NYCM group I was in last year) and the *new* Retro 4miler race, which was so much fun.

Oakely Mini 10K

Oakely Mini 10K

NYRR Retro 4miler

NYRR Retro 4miler

As for my knee, I have been doing some stretching and resting and my knee seems to be improving. As a matter of fact, it was during the Retro race that I felt like myself again. So yay! My next races aren’t until August so July will be quiet. I am hopeful to find some more local races for me to run. :)

RBX Active sent me some fun new capris by the way, which I am head over heels in love with.


Military print <3


So comfy!

RBX Active debuted on the activewear scene just three years ago and has grown steadily because of its superior quality, up to the minute styling and accessible pricing. The capris I got were easily affordable -only $29.99. I don’t know about you, but paying hundreds of dollars for clothes that I am going to get all sweaty in is silly. Some people assume lower cost equates to cheap material/feel/performance. Absolutely not the case with RBX Active! The pants are incredibly soft and comfortable. The pants are made of material that wicks which means the fabric pulls moisture away from the skin to keep the body dry. The pants are made of four way stretch so the pants move with you and maintain their shape. Finally the pants have flat lock seams which also prevents chafing. These are all critical for someone as active as me – chafing is no bueno! They hold up well in the gym, when running, and very importantly – in the wash, time and time again!



Sizes range S-M-L-XL fitting 4/6, 6/8. 8/10, 12-14 respectively. Sizing is pretty realistic. I was worried about the size so I went up a size to be safe (no one  likes to look like a sausage) and I should have stuck to my regular size.  RBX Active delivers the best fitness apparel and accessories ensuring today’s busy women can find an exciting look that transitions from the gym to the street. Their collection of tops, bottoms and jackets are easy to mix and match to reflect an individual’s style as they travel from activity to activity.

And RBX has given you my wonderful readers a coupon for FOR A 25% DISCOUNT good through 7/31/15. There will be free shipping added for purchases over $50 AFTER the coupon deduction for even more savings! The CODE is Active25!

I also love their slogan–LIVE LIFE ACTIVE. That’s pretty much my mantra!

Anyway, I definitely recommend RBX Active and plan on stocking up on some more capris and shorts soon! Thanks so much RBX Active for the capris!

I am off to visit my mom for her birthday and holiday, yay! Have a great Independence Day!

Long Island Half Recap + Emjoi Micro-Pedi Review

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Emjoi. I received a Micro-Pedi in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Hello friends!

I ran the Long Island Half-Marathon back on May 3rd, having bumped down to the half due to lack of consistent training during our very harsh winter. I have winged half-marathons before and I was familiar with the course having run both the half in 2012 and the full in 2013. Long Island is semi-flat, so I wasn’t really concerned about hills. My goal was just to run to finish, not for time. It was an unusually warm day, about 75 degrees. I started off slowly, especially since it I am just not acclimated to running in warmer weather.



All was going well when at mile 7 I felt a searing pain up my right leg and my knee buckled. I immediately moved to the side to stretch and walk it off. I tried to run a few more miles and every ½ mile or so, I would feel the pain again and I would have to slow down to a walk. I texted honey bunny and strongly considered not finishing. Honey bunny told me that there would be medical and race point at mile 10-11, so I continued on, hoping to find someone so I could DNF.


But there was no one to be found. At that point, I only had 2-3 measly miles left, so I figured I would just finish as best as I could. At mile 12.5, with the finish line in sight, I busted an all out sprint because I was hot and tired and in pain. I just wanted to be done. The second I finished, a volunteer (who saw my look of pain) came up to me and escorted me into a medical tent. Turns out I was also dehydrated. I had ice on my knee and could barely walk. Honey bunny eventually found me and he helped me walk to the car and home.


I ended up going to a sports-ortho doctor who did an MRI (my knee is solid and has no damage) and diagnosed me with ileo-tibial band syndrome.  Essentially my ileo-tibial band is inflamed due to lack of stretching and recommended stretching, foam rolling, reduced mileage and PT. A cortisone injection would be a last resort.

So I haven’t been running as much as I would have liked to. So I have been doing a lot of walking in place. Since it is Spring and June in New York, so it is officially sandal season. Lately in NY, it’s been kind of drab and dreary but I won’t complain because just the 2 weeks prior, we went through a mini-heat wave. Also, winter.

Running has caused my feet to develop unsightly calluses, which is not conducive for flip flops and cute sandals. I usually end up scrubbing away at my feet with a pumice stone. But now, I have the Emjoi Micro-Pedi to save my feet – takes up half the time than as usual and is much more efficient than a regular pumice stone.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi features a unique micro mineral roller (naturally processed from stone) that spins an amazing 30 times a second to painlessly break up, buff and effortlessly remove dry, rough, hardened, callused skin from the soles of the feet in no more than a few minutes, leaving them soft, supple and beautiful for summer and year-round comfort.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi roller action is safer and more effective than blade-based metal scrapers, and far faster and less laborious than other home-based methods which require constant rubbing.

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi is easy to use and does not hurt at all. It also contains a little brush to keep the roller clean.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi is comfortable to grip as well. It has an ergonomically designed handle with easy maneuverability along with a rubberized grip for added security and comfort. I had perfect feet in no time and I didn’t have to waste time scrubbing at my feet or using a callous blade (which I have used on my own and at the salon) which if you’re not careful, can be really dangerous and painful. In addition, the Emjoi Micro-Pedi is the only motorized callous remover to have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which to me is a huge deal!


The only con is that it can be a bit messy, so I would recommend having a towel or something under your feet when you do use it to avoid a mess. I didn’t for some reason and didn’t realize the mess I would have, but it was easy clean up. So in the end, not a big deal.

CVS, Bed, Bath and Beyond and (as well as other select retailers and high end catalogs) all feature the battery operated version which is number one in popularity. The simply packaged version with one roller is $29.95 and the spa-themed gift boxed version with two rollers is $39.95.  The Emjoi Micro-Pedi also requires two AA batteries, which are not included, but were included for my review.

I really do love it and will be using it continuously throughout the year – not just for the summer! At the price it is at, I think it will make a great gift. I know my mom and sister have been wanting one of their very own!

Thank you so much Emjoi for letting me try out the Emjoi Micro-Pedi!

National Running Day!

Happy Wednesday folks! But more importantly


It is National Running Day! It’s apparently also National Egg Day too. So fuel up on some eggs and go for a run! Or, something like that.

As I pledged in 2012, I continue to pledge the same reason as to why I run in the first place:


Why do YOU run?

Created in 2009, National Running Day is a day to celebrate running for both veteran runners and newbies alike. The New York Road Runners are hosting a variety of events, like a morning breakfast run at their headquarters, fun runs in each borough, and a happy hour tonight. There will be lots of giveaways and chances to meet elite coaches, etc. Runner’s World Magazine also has a list of events other running club/running organizations and running groups are hosting.  In addition, running stores and gear and apparel brands across the country are celebrating National Running Day with group runs, happy hour events, schwag giveaways and race registration discounts.

I am hopeful to squeeze in a run today before my usual training class.

How are you celebrating?


NOLA, I Want To Go Back {Pack-A-Hat Review}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cappelli Straworld. All opinions are my own.

Rabbit, rabbit! It is June!

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet once more. Silly life, getting in the way.

Between my last post and now, there’s a lot to catch up on, like how running is no bueno and my diagnosis of IT band syndrome and how I don’t know if I am going to be able to do any fall full marathons (this is not a set in stone decision).

But for right now, let’s catch up on my vacay to New Orleans! I’ve always wanted to go to NOLA, especially more so after Katrina hit. We went down early May and stayed for 4 days. As it was only just starting to warm up in NYC, it was a shock to the system the humidity there. Never have I ever been so happy to have chopped off my hair.

We were fortunate to stay in a hotel adjacent to the French Quarter, so everything from Bourbon Street to the Mississippi River was within walking distance. Since it was so sunny and hot out and I am so fair-skinned, I burned like crazy.  So I was thankful for my pack-a-hat from Cappelli Straworld which I brought with me to New Orleans. The Cappelli Straworld pack-a-hat charming tote-style miniature wristlet bag which contains a matching packable sun hat that expands to a 4 ½ inch brim.  The also has 50+ UPF rating as a result of the specially selected material and construction used for the hat—there is no infusion or add-on finish. The pack-a-hat is ideal for resort, beach or everyday, and easily slips into a beach bag or everyday handbag or tote.



Can you see my sunburn?!




I have used the wristlet separately and in conjunction with the hat. The wristlet is very spacious – it fits my keys, my wallet, my digital camera and my phone without feeling bulky. The bag I have comes in the following colors: toast, royal, white, black and natural and are available for $25.00. You can purchase the pack-a-hat online here. It makes for a great gift as well as just for personal use.

Thank you Cappelli Straworld for my pack-a-hat!

And here are some additional pics from NOLA!


With a parrot on Bourbon St.



Beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde






At the Mississppi



So pretty!



Infamous Bourbon St.


Have a great Monday!!

(Review) Stitch Fix #7

Hi friends!

Happy “May the 4th Be With You Day” to all my fellow Star Wars lovers like me!


I got my seventh Stitch Fix recently and wanted to share it with you. After the last fix was such a huge hit, I wanted to give it another whirl.

So what did I get in this Fix? Let’s see!

Pinstripe fit and flare dress- $108   

Lace dress-$88  

Bangle -$28  

Nautical bag -$68


What did I keep?

Nothing. The pinstripe dress was beautiful and very well made but it was too pricey. I loved the lace dress but couldn’t figure where I would be able to wear it. 

The bag, maxi skirt and bracelet were cute and my style but I could find similar items for cheaper elsewhere, like Target or Old Navy. Despite the fix being a bust, I’m signed up for another fix in July.

For the newbies, Stitch Fix is a monthly personal styling service. To begin you fill out an online questionnaire detailing what you like and don’t like and your size in general. A personal stylist from Stitch Fix provides 5 items for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. You get three days to decide and whatever you don’t want you return in the mailer they send you. It’s $20.00 and whatever you buy, that $20 is deducted from the item. If you keep all the items, then you get a 25% discount. If you don’t like anything at all and return everything, you lose the $20 credit. You can give them a range of price point costs. Some items are more expensive than others

Would you try Stitch Fix 

What do you think of my fix?

Have a happy Monday! :)

Run, Run & Take The Wipe For Water Challenge (Review)

Disclaimer: As an Influentser, I received a complimentary package of Neutrogena’s Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Towelettes. As always, all opinions are my own.

Hello, friends!

It finally feels that spring has indeed sprung here in NY. This past week, the weather was cold and kind of crappy. But finally this weekend it warmed up. I didn’t want to not enjoy the weather, so I made sure to get a run out there.




When I was running those miles, I made sure to enjoy the beautiful surroundings – the trees, the swans, the quiet, peaceful lake. It was so serene. It was the perfect aid to help clear my head.

Spring has definitely sprung here on Long Island!

Did you know April is known as Earth month? Being out on that run made me truly appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer. And it’s a shame that it gets hurt with constant pollution and general wastefulness. I try to not be wasteful and be mindful of my usage of things like water, but I am not perfect. So I am trying to do my part by taking Neutrogena’s Wipe for Water Challenge.

Neutrogena Naturals is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to save water. The Nature Conservancy is the largest freshwater conservation organization in the world with more than 400 staff focused on freshwater conservation at more than 500 sites globally. The average U.S. household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year. As a result, the amount of water wasted from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons per year, equivalent to the annual water use of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined. [source]

So I was happy to take the Neutrogena’s Wipe for Water Challenge with Neutrogena’s Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Towelettes. They are made from 100% renewable fiber and are clinically proven to completely remove dirt, oil and makeup, even waterproof mascara with no greasy residue. And by pledging to go 3 days initially to use the wipes instead of washing my face, I saved 15 gallons of water. IMG_6249

The wipes are fantastic – so soft against my skin, they smell nice, and leave my face feeling clean. And they remove my harsh eyeliner that is super hard to take off. So I am super duper happy with these wipes. So happy after using the wipes, I am happy to pledge another 5 days of using the wipes and will be saving 25 gallons of water!


So I challenge YOU to check out Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Towelettes and take the Neutrogena’s Wipe for Water Challenge for yourself and help do the Earth good this Earth Month! :)

Being Sick Is Dumb aka What I’ve Been Up To

Hi friends!

It’s finally Spring! Huzzah!

I was so excited that warmer temps arrived and I was all set to run the Scotland 10K two weeks ago. I’ve run that race before (link) and I was excited to run it again.

However, my body had other plans. :(

The Tuesday before race day, I had the worst headache. I am susceptible to migraines and usually if I pop 2 excedrines, I am good. But it stayed the entire day. The next day, my throat was scratchy, but not sore. I figured it was nothing.

By the time Thursday rolled around, I felt really out of it and unwell. But I figured it was a sinus infection or a head cold. Something I could bounce back from relatively quickly. I went to pick up my bib for the race at lunch instead of going to the gym, because I wanted to get home early to rest. Friday came and at work I felt really, really unwell and warm, like if I were running a fever. By the time the weekend came, I was sick as a dog. I am pretty sure I had the plague (I am not even trying to be hyperbolic)! I had a fever non-stop (104 at one point!), no appetite, and my legs were so sore, as if I had run a marathon. The lack of energy I had was profound – just walking to my bedroom two feet to the bathroom was draining.


There was no way I could run the race. I was so disappointed! But this wasn’t a small cold I could “push through.” This was the flu. And I had to listen to my body and rest.


I ended up missing nearly a week of work and I still have a lingering cold. I just started to get back into running and into basebuilding. I have two half marathons coming up and a smattering of smaller races through July. I got free run coaching through Beth at Running With The Sunrise and right now am trying to run 3x per week consistently.

Thanks to the Boston Marathon fever (good fever!) this week, I entered the lotto for the Chicago marathon and I will find out in two weeks if I am in. *fingers crossed*


So upward and onwards right?!

Have a happy Thursday! 

[Review] Stitch Fix Number Six

Hi friends!

I got my sixth Stitch Fix recently and wanted to share it with you.

What is Stitch Fix you may ask?

As I discussed in my earlier review, Stitch Fix is a monthly personal styling service. To begin you fill out an online questionnaire detailing what you like and don’t like and your size in general. A personal stylist from Stitch Fix provides 5 items for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. You get three days to decide and whatever you don’t want you return in the mailer they send you. It’s $20.00 and whatever you buy, that $20 is deducted from the item. If you keep all the items, then you get a 25% discount. If you don’t like anything at all and return everything, you lose the $20 credit. You can give them a range of price point costs. Some items are more expensive than others. This month’s items were in the $60-$80 range, whereas last time they were slightly cheaper.

After the last fix was kind of a bust, I took stepped away from the fixes. Now that I have an upcoming trip to New Orleans and because it is finally Spring, I wanted to give it another whirl.

So what did I get in this Fix? Let’s see!

IMG_6039 (1)

Dress #1  – Striped fit & flare dress

I loved this dress. It fit perfectly and the style was nautical and just darling! Kept.


Dress # 2 – Laser cut fit and flare dress

This dress also fit perfectly. The dress color is a beautiful shade of blue and the laser cut out design was really beautiful. Kept.


Vest & straight-cut boyfriend jeans

My stylist saw that I pinned a vest on my Pinterest and chose this vest for me. It fit near-perfect. I am not sure how I would style it but I loved it so much. Kept.

I also asked my stylist for boyfriend jeans. I never found a pair that “fit” or “looked” right. Then that same week, I snagged a pair from New York & Co. that were on point. These jeans didn’t fit right and made me look more bottom heavy. Returned.

IMG_6042 (1)


Lace-cut blouse.

I loved everything about this blouse. The fit. The color. The lace detail. Kept.

Overall this fix was a huge hit! My stylist really hit it out of the ballpark with this fix. I was very, very happy with this fix. I bought 4 out of 5 items. So, my wallet was hit a little hard but I am happy nonetheless. I signed up for another fix and will be getting one at the end of the month.

Would you try Stitch Fix ?

What do you think of my choices?

Have a happy Monday! :)