Week 14 Recap!

Hi friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts between last week and today. Things have been quiet as I am not running as much. I have officially deferred Chicago.


I still have to figure out what to do about the NYC Marathon. But I have at least 2 more months to figure that out. I am signed up for the France 8K this weekend, which is about 4.9 miles give or take. I  planning to go and do a run/walk method. Onto Baby R – that’s why you’re here, right? Enough with the runner rambles! If you missed last week’s recap, check it out HERE.

What fruit/vegetable are you? Lemon.

Due date: Feb 18th!

How far along: 14 weeks for this recap – every Tuesday is a new week for me. (Currently 15 weeks)

Boy or girl? Girl!

Next appointment: September 5 for a general check-up; second trimester screening is on September 23rd which is 2 days after my birthday!

Total weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 9.

Exercise: Still doing kick-boxing, HIIT, upper/lower body strength training, and TRX. All on a modified level. I do take step classes but I don’t do too much with the step, or I keep it very low. I can no longer do burpees.

Stretch marks? None. (Full disclosure: I have them from when I was much heavier and they are old/faded).

Food cravings: potatoes in all forms, egg and cheese sandwiches. I’m happy to say that I am starting to want salads again. I ordered twice out last week and got huge salads.

Food aversions: The sight of raw meat makes me want to vomit. Hummus. Stuffed peppers. Cigarette smoke.

Symptoms: Nausea/dry-heaving; crying easily over nonsensical things – my family went to the beach last week and didn’t invite me/tell me and I was so so sad. I also was stupidly upset about not having any pumpkin beer (when this baby comes, the Spring beers will be out and those are the worst of all the seasonal beers!). Also sleep is starting to be difficult. I’m having trouble falling asleep because I can’t get comfortable. Time to invest in a snoogle.

Movement: None yet.

Maternity clothes: None yet. But I did buy maternity leggings for later on.

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby move and figuring out baby names. Also my birthday, which is less than 30 days away!

Week 13 Recap!

Hi friends!

Welcome to the second trimester! I am officially at 14 weeks along today but I wanted to recap week 13! If you missed the first trimester recap, check it out here.


I spent week 13 with food poisoning – that was really fun if by fun you mean not at all. I also got to find out what we’re having after having our first trimester screening – baby R is a girl!

I had a hunch and bought this back in July!

I also bought a fetal heart Doppler at the recommendation of another blogger on their blog and after weeks of trying unsuccessfully and not trying to panic, I finally heard baby’s heartbeat at 13weeks 4days. It was such an awesome sound.

What fruit/vegetable are you? Lime.

Due date:  Due date moved to Feb 18th!

How far along:  13 weeks for this recap – every Tuesday is a new week for me. (Currently 14 weeks)

Next appointment:  September 5 for a general check-up; second trimester screening is on September 23rd which is 2 days after my birthday!

Total weight gain/loss: up 1 pound, bringing total weight gained to 9. 

Exercise: This is my second full week back to the gym. I am modifying a lot as I get tired very easily. Happily though, I didn’t lose too much upper arm strength. But current exercises include kick-boxing, HIIT, upper/lower body strength training, and TRX. Still haven’t run yet – it’s too hot out, woof!

Food cravings: potatoes in all forms: mashed, knish, tots. 

Food aversions: salads (leafy greens) in general, but not all vegetables. Also, the sight of raw meat makes me want to vomit. Sweets and chocolate don’t call to me as they used to before either.

Symptoms: Nausea/dry-heaving; still tired; irritability – whoever said pregnancy makes you weepy LIED.  Also I think I had my first instance of round ligament pain, but it hasn’t happened again.

Movement:  None yet.

Maternity clothes: None yet.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move and getting the second trimester screening done – that is the one where they go into great detail on the sonogram of the baby’s heart, kidneys, etc. I am really excited for that.  Also looking forward to the Fall with much cooler weather. I am over this heat – as well as mosquitos. Ugh! And finally, getting started on baby names. I have one name that I really love right now… I just need to get the husband on board!

Review: Biotin Bursts

Disclaimer: Neocell Biotin Bursts were provided to me free, in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Hi friends!

Truth: I am terrible about taking vitamins. The big chunky horse pills, the weird aftertaste, the upset stomach… I don’t like any of it. And I am pretty good about taking medications – but vitamins? Nope. I just dread taking them. And as a result, I avoid taking vitamins.

As with most women, I care about my appearance, in particular, my hair, skin and nails.  There are many things you can eat and drink for better hair, skin and nails such as almonds, dark leafy greens, blueberries, salmon and pomegranate juice, for example. But what if you don’t like any of those things (like my sister and my husband who don’t eat fish so we don’t have salmon or any seafood in the house) or don’t have time to consume all of the above.

Enter Neocell’s Biotin Bursts.


NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high potency beauty nutrients in a soft chew… that reminded me of a starburst. Definitely chewy and definitely delicious!




Each chew is low in sugar (3mg) and is packed with 10,000 mcg of Biotin. Biotin is an important B vitamin which promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails as well as an energy support. Neocell’s high potency formula supports the metabolism of proteins in the body and helps foster natural energy, luxurious hair, strong nails and vibrant skin. All that is needed is one chew per day (each box comes with 30 chews, an entire month’s supply). And the chews are a low 20 calories each.

What were my results?


My skin definitely looked brighter too. My hair looked more healthy… I can’t really speak on growth as my hair is pretty short at the moment.

I definitely recommend the Neocell Biotin bursts. Where can you buy them? At your local VitaminShoppe or GNC or other vitamin/natural food shops. But on their website, you can type in your zipcode and find out what retailer close to you has them!

Have you ever taken vitamin supplements for hair/skin/nails? Have you ever taken chewy ones? If not, would you? Sound off below!


First Trimester Recap!

Hi friends!

As I get ready to enter the second trimester of my pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of the first trimester. So many blogger friends are pregnant and I loved reading their weekly updates. I definitely want to document this time of my life – maybe sometime down the pike, little baby R can read this and see how it all began.

Were you surprised?

I was! But that doesn’t mean Baby R was unplanned. Husband and I had made the decision to start trying. After a few months of negative tests, I was feeling a bit disheartened. Also, my cycles were a bit short – every 19 days. So I had actually made an appointment with my doctor to see if there was an issue. I had downloaded an app (Glow) which track your cycles and it said, “go ahead, take that test.” I decided to take a test just for the heck of it and WHAM! Positive!


Say what?!?!?!


According to the app, I was four weeks along!

IMG_7592 (1)

Preggo bloat. That shit is real.


Due date…

Originally February 14, 2016! Though my last appointment they said February 17, 2016. So February 2016! Babies are finicky and I am realistic that first time babies tend to be late.

How I told hubs…

Right away! The next morning actually. Father’s Day was actually 2 weekends away and I knew I couldn’t wait.  Hubs was and is, very excited.

How we told the family…

We told my mother in law and my family the weekend of Father’s Day. My MIL got a new dog and we gave her a gift of a onesie and a pregnancy test and said it was for the dog. The onesie said “current family favorite” which she totally thought was for the dog but when she saw the test, she knew and was very excited. For my folks, I got the same onesie and a decorative board that said “the best dads get promoted to grandpa.” My mom let out such a scream that I thought I went deaf in one ear, haha.

Any symptoms?

Prior to finding out that I was pregnant, I had very sore breasts and unwavering fatigue. I even had some spotting (which I would later realize was implantation bleeding). I did not have nausea/morning sickness until I hit six weeks exactly. Then came on the unrelenting nausea and dry heaving/gagging. Brushing my teeth became a nightmare (because brushing stimulates the gag reflex). Some days it was just a morning event – other days it was all day.

Any aversions?

Raw meat and cigarette smoke also made me want to vomit. Surprisingly, I was able to cook with meat, but shopping for it made me ill. Also for a long time – any and all healthy things, like fruits and vegetables. I tried to eat carrots and it made my stomach do flips.

Any cravings?

For awhile, I wanted nothing but sriracha. I don’t even like sriracha in general. But all of a sudden, I wanted it all day, every day, on everything – pizza, breakfast sandwiches, chicken, burgers, etc. I even bought an extra bottle to keep at my desk at work. Lately it has been carbs, carbs, carbs and salty stuff. Surprisingly, no sweets. Per old wives tales, baby would be a boy!


At 6 weeks, I started spotting very lightly. I of course, panicked. An emergency visit to a doctor by my job revealed all was well. I tried to relax and on Father’s Day, I started spotting again. After an ER visit and a visit with my doctor, I was told to not exercise until I was out of the first trimester. Until then, I was exercising daily and running.

9 weeks!

9 weeks!

Maternity clothes?

None yet. I did buy a pair of maternity shorts for the rest of the summer since I have started to rely on the hair band trick. Though pregnancy bloat is totally real and some days I look farther along than I was/am.

Weight gain?

Well no exercise + carb cravings + veggie aversions have lead to a whopping gain of 8lbs. More than what is recommended in the first trimester but it averages out to 3lbs per month. Also, I am hopeful that now I want vegetables and can exercise again, any additional weight gain will be within the recommended figure. I am also realistic that I am pregnant, and growing a human has become a number one priority for me. I am working with my nutritionist on this and we will have a realistic plan for after Baby R’s arrival to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Boy or a girl?

Too soon to say. But we’ll find out in a week and a half. I think Baby R is a girl though!

12 weeks!

12 weeks!

What I am looking forward to?

Feeling Baby 4 move though that won’t be for sometime. Getting to see him/her move on the sonogram and hearing his/her heartbeat is a wonderful feeling!

From now on I’ll be posting a weekly update and a belly pic every Tuesday, since my new week starts every Tuesday. I’ll post one week behind, however. So next Tuesday will be a week 13 recap even though I am 13 weeks this week.

Sicky sick weekend & a review: Runner’s Choice!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary bottle of The Runner’s Choice  by Trusted Health Products in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Hi friends!

I spent my weekend going to a friend’s beautiful shower in New Jersey.




Mimosas... but I didn't have any!

Mimosas… but I didn’t have any!


Then after the shower, my husband went home and I ordered takeout which made me sick. I spent the rest of my weekend hanging out with the toilet, throwing up my insides. That was not fun. I ended up even taking Monday off to rest because I was still feeling a bit out of it.

It was not fun at all. No more Chinese food for me for quite some time.

Despite my bed rest this weekend, I happen to be on my feet though quite a bit with running for the train commuting, doing housework, and going to appointment after appointment for baby R.  And now I have been incorporating the gym back into my routine.  So my feet are tired. I’ve read conflicting things about foot massages when pregnant so I have been avoiding them altogether. One thing that has been helping is The Runner’s Choice oil on my feet.


The Runner’s Choice is scientifically formulated with 100% natural botanical oils of almond, eucalyptus, eucalytol, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. And you don’t even need to rub it in for effectiveness.


Unlike many commercial creams and lotions, which require rubbing in, the botanical oils in The Runner’s Choice are most effective with gentle topical application, and no rubbing. The oils in The Runner’s Choice are very easily received through the pores in the skin. When you open the bottle, the scent of the oil can be quite strong, but once you actually apply it, the scent is really nice and soothing. And my feet have never felt better. While I haven’t used it for running – as I had to stop running for a bit – I am looking forward to using it post running as I get back into the swing of things (ie.,5ks and 10ks for me). It is meant for people who run/jog more than 3 miles or anyone on their feet all day.

The Runner’s Choice is giving 3 readers a chance to win a bottle of their own. All you need to do is to enter the giveaway below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh Baby, Baby!

Hello friends!

If you have been following me on the insta and on twitter, you would know that I had to take off some time from running and exercise, because…



Baby R is due February 14, 2016! This definitely does mean that I will not be running Chicago or NYC this year. I am just one week away from entering the second trimester and will have a full recap soon of the first trimester. We are simply overjoyed and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Summer Summer Time – Block Island Sunscreen Review

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Block Island Organic sunscreen in exchange for a review. As always all opinions are my own. 

Hello friends!

Summer is going byyyy quickly. Which makes me sad because I have not gone to the beach as often as I would have liked. I need to remedy that STAT especially as I live wicked close to the beach.

I spent my Fourth of July holiday doing just that. Here’s an interesting fact about me: I don’t know how to swim but put me in the ocean and you’d think I was a fish in another life. I love the water.  After leaving out house a little late, off to the beach we went – along with the entirety of Long Island. Fortunately we got a good spot by the water.


Another fact about me: I’m very pale. I probably am the palest Latina you’ll ever meet. So skin protection is very important to me. A few years back I got a very bad case of sun poisoning where my skin looked neon, that’s how red I was. I was a lobster.  When I went to NOLA a few weeks back, I got sunburned there too because Southern sun is no joke despite putting on sunblock.

That’s why I was glad to tout my bottle of Block Island’s Natural Mineral (zinc only) Sunscreen – SPF 30 with me. Skin protection is important not just at the beach but everyday.


What I like about Block Island’s Natural Mineral Sundcreen as well as all of Block Island‘s products is that they are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes and artificial fragrances. They also don’t do animal testing (great as I am huge animal lover) and use vegan-based formulas.

And after an entire day of the beach and also normal every day wear, my skin was fine. Not a drop of sunburn in sight. The sunscreen goes on easily – you’re not constantly trying to rub it in. It doesn’t feel greasy or cakey.

Right now Block Island Organics is giving you the chance to try their sunscreen and products at 15% off with the key word Kasandra.  The discount code is good through next Tuesday, July 21st. Please note the code is not combinable with other codes.

Thanks so much Block Organics for letting me try out your sunscreen.

Now I just need to get back to the beach!

What I’ve Been Up To & RBX Capris Review

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of RBX Active capris in exchange for a review; as always all opinions are my own! 

Holy cow, how is it July 1st already?

I am so so sorry for falling off the face of the planet. Life has a way of taking some unexpected turns and as a result, this blog got put on the back burner. But that is not going to be the same forever! Promise!

Sooo what  have I been up to lately? Running for the most part. I skipped the Queens 10K and the Front Runner’s 5 miler because I wasn’t feeling too hot. But I did run the Oakely Mini 10K (and got to meet some runner friends from the NYCM group I was in last year) and the *new* Retro 4miler race, which was so much fun.

Oakely Mini 10K

Oakely Mini 10K

NYRR Retro 4miler

NYRR Retro 4miler

As for my knee, I have been doing some stretching and resting and my knee seems to be improving. As a matter of fact, it was during the Retro race that I felt like myself again. So yay! My next races aren’t until August so July will be quiet. I am hopeful to find some more local races for me to run. :)

RBX Active sent me some fun new capris by the way, which I am head over heels in love with.


Military print <3


So comfy!

RBX Active debuted on the activewear scene just three years ago and has grown steadily because of its superior quality, up to the minute styling and accessible pricing. The capris I got were easily affordable -only $29.99. I don’t know about you, but paying hundreds of dollars for clothes that I am going to get all sweaty in is silly. Some people assume lower cost equates to cheap material/feel/performance. Absolutely not the case with RBX Active! The pants are incredibly soft and comfortable. The pants are made of material that wicks which means the fabric pulls moisture away from the skin to keep the body dry. The pants are made of four way stretch so the pants move with you and maintain their shape. Finally the pants have flat lock seams which also prevents chafing. These are all critical for someone as active as me – chafing is no bueno! They hold up well in the gym, when running, and very importantly – in the wash, time and time again!



Sizes range S-M-L-XL fitting 4/6, 6/8. 8/10, 12-14 respectively. Sizing is pretty realistic. I was worried about the size so I went up a size to be safe (no one  likes to look like a sausage) and I should have stuck to my regular size.  RBX Active delivers the best fitness apparel and accessories ensuring today’s busy women can find an exciting look that transitions from the gym to the street. Their collection of tops, bottoms and jackets are easy to mix and match to reflect an individual’s style as they travel from activity to activity.

And RBX has given you my wonderful readers a coupon for FOR A 25% DISCOUNT good through 7/31/15. There will be free shipping added for purchases over $50 AFTER the coupon deduction for even more savings! The CODE is Active25!

I also love their slogan–LIVE LIFE ACTIVE. That’s pretty much my mantra!

Anyway, I definitely recommend RBX Active and plan on stocking up on some more capris and shorts soon! Thanks so much RBX Active for the capris!

I am off to visit my mom for her birthday and holiday, yay! Have a great Independence Day!

Long Island Half Recap + Emjoi Micro-Pedi Review

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Emjoi. I received a Micro-Pedi in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Hello friends!

I ran the Long Island Half-Marathon back on May 3rd, having bumped down to the half due to lack of consistent training during our very harsh winter. I have winged half-marathons before and I was familiar with the course having run both the half in 2012 and the full in 2013. Long Island is semi-flat, so I wasn’t really concerned about hills. My goal was just to run to finish, not for time. It was an unusually warm day, about 75 degrees. I started off slowly, especially since it I am just not acclimated to running in warmer weather.



All was going well when at mile 7 I felt a searing pain up my right leg and my knee buckled. I immediately moved to the side to stretch and walk it off. I tried to run a few more miles and every ½ mile or so, I would feel the pain again and I would have to slow down to a walk. I texted honey bunny and strongly considered not finishing. Honey bunny told me that there would be medical and race point at mile 10-11, so I continued on, hoping to find someone so I could DNF.


But there was no one to be found. At that point, I only had 2-3 measly miles left, so I figured I would just finish as best as I could. At mile 12.5, with the finish line in sight, I busted an all out sprint because I was hot and tired and in pain. I just wanted to be done. The second I finished, a volunteer (who saw my look of pain) came up to me and escorted me into a medical tent. Turns out I was also dehydrated. I had ice on my knee and could barely walk. Honey bunny eventually found me and he helped me walk to the car and home.


I ended up going to a sports-ortho doctor who did an MRI (my knee is solid and has no damage) and diagnosed me with ileo-tibial band syndrome.  Essentially my ileo-tibial band is inflamed due to lack of stretching and recommended stretching, foam rolling, reduced mileage and PT. A cortisone injection would be a last resort.

So I haven’t been running as much as I would have liked to. So I have been doing a lot of walking in place. Since it is Spring and June in New York, so it is officially sandal season. Lately in NY, it’s been kind of drab and dreary but I won’t complain because just the 2 weeks prior, we went through a mini-heat wave. Also, winter.

Running has caused my feet to develop unsightly calluses, which is not conducive for flip flops and cute sandals. I usually end up scrubbing away at my feet with a pumice stone. But now, I have the Emjoi Micro-Pedi to save my feet – takes up half the time than as usual and is much more efficient than a regular pumice stone.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi features a unique micro mineral roller (naturally processed from stone) that spins an amazing 30 times a second to painlessly break up, buff and effortlessly remove dry, rough, hardened, callused skin from the soles of the feet in no more than a few minutes, leaving them soft, supple and beautiful for summer and year-round comfort.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi roller action is safer and more effective than blade-based metal scrapers, and far faster and less laborious than other home-based methods which require constant rubbing.

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi is easy to use and does not hurt at all. It also contains a little brush to keep the roller clean.


The Emjoi Micro-Pedi is comfortable to grip as well. It has an ergonomically designed handle with easy maneuverability along with a rubberized grip for added security and comfort. I had perfect feet in no time and I didn’t have to waste time scrubbing at my feet or using a callous blade (which I have used on my own and at the salon) which if you’re not careful, can be really dangerous and painful. In addition, the Emjoi Micro-Pedi is the only motorized callous remover to have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which to me is a huge deal!


The only con is that it can be a bit messy, so I would recommend having a towel or something under your feet when you do use it to avoid a mess. I didn’t for some reason and didn’t realize the mess I would have, but it was easy clean up. So in the end, not a big deal.

CVS, Bed, Bath and Beyond and emjoi.com (as well as other select retailers and high end catalogs) all feature the battery operated version which is number one in popularity. The simply packaged version with one roller is $29.95 and the spa-themed gift boxed version with two rollers is $39.95.  The Emjoi Micro-Pedi also requires two AA batteries, which are not included, but were included for my review.

I really do love it and will be using it continuously throughout the year – not just for the summer! At the price it is at, I think it will make a great gift. I know my mom and sister have been wanting one of their very own!

Thank you so much Emjoi for letting me try out the Emjoi Micro-Pedi!

National Running Day!

Happy Wednesday folks! But more importantly


It is National Running Day! It’s apparently also National Egg Day too. So fuel up on some eggs and go for a run! Or, something like that.

As I pledged in 2012, I continue to pledge the same reason as to why I run in the first place:


Why do YOU run?

Created in 2009, National Running Day is a day to celebrate running for both veteran runners and newbies alike. The New York Road Runners are hosting a variety of events, like a morning breakfast run at their headquarters, fun runs in each borough, and a happy hour tonight. There will be lots of giveaways and chances to meet elite coaches, etc. Runner’s World Magazine also has a list of events other running club/running organizations and running groups are hosting.  In addition, running stores and gear and apparel brands across the country are celebrating National Running Day with group runs, happy hour events, schwag giveaways and race registration discounts.

I am hopeful to squeeze in a run today before my usual training class.

How are you celebrating?